Introducing: The Joinery Shop (EA) Limited

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A message from us...

We have worked closely with Michael and the team since early 2013. We have had lovely feedback about their work and their professionalism from customers.

We love the fact that they work closely with their community gifting their time and skills! We look forward to many more years of an excellent relationship with The Joinery Shop.


About The Joinery Shop

The Joinery Shop (EA) Ltd has been trading for 15 years in its present guise. We are a family run concern who understand the importance of customer relations and above all, quality and commitment to every job we undertake.

We deliver only high-quality products. Because we draw on our long-standing experience when advising you on materials and matters of workmanship, we pay such close attention to making your ideas and designs reality, providing you with samples and test materials and offering support at every step of the decision-making process.

We feel it is important to back up our high level of quality service and products! That’s why we are undergoing ISO 9001 Quality Standard Auditing.

Supporting local Charities is also important to us. We undertake free of charge project from time to time. One particular Charity who we have helped out with one of their projects is Barnardo’s for which we received a signed thankyou letter from the Chief Executive of Barnardo’s

We have also assisted in helping an individual with their personal projects to make a children’s table /shelf units when pushed together made the shape of a 2.5m long snake for their University Degree.

Displays by The Joinery Shop

Mulberry Kitchen Studio,
212 Mile Cross Lane,