The TN and JK models are made of acrylic resin which is also non-porous, hygenic and easy to clean and maintain. Our JK models are available in Pure White.

The standard designs shown above are available from UK stock. The JK models are only available without overflow and are not supplied with waste kits. Other customised designs and colours are available upon request for large quantity orders.

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Cast Sinks and Bowls

Our Cast Sinks and Bowls are available in various models. They are not only premium quality but are bacterial resistant, easy to clean and maintain. They can be under-mounted which gives you a perfectly integrated bathroom design.

Technical Specifications

  • White
  • Undermount
  • Compatible with 600mm standard cabinets.

We do not guarantee an exact colour match on the cast sinks with pure white sheets. This is due to the manufacturing process and will have been made from different pure white material.