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About Tristone UK Limited


Established in 2001, Tristone UK Limited is the sole distributor of Tristone Acrylic Solid Surface sheets, sinks and adhesives in the UK and Ireland.

We aim to work closely with clients, offering full support through the supply of samples, literature, technical assistance, customer care and project support. As well as offering practical advice to fulfill every requirement for the solid surface market.

Based in Stockton-On-Tees, we have a wealth of experience, and have built up trust within the industry due to our commitment to offering the best and personal service to all our customers.


Why should you choose Tristone UK?

Because we believe in quality…

Grise Kitchen_Fraser Drain (1).jpeg

We know the solid surfacing market changes frequently. As design trends change, we try to work to bring in new colours and products to stay ahead of those trends. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products, and we aim to go above and beyond to provide the best service for our customers. 

Available in over 40 colours, We have refined and perfected our colour range. We wanted to simplify the process of choosing the colour of your Tristone creation by selecting the best colours from the Tristone range. Our hand picked colours offer a beautiful finish no matter what the location may be. 

The three cornerstone objectives of our business are to provide a high quality products and services at competitive prices.



Class O WarringtonFire certified
GreenGuard certified
Made in Republic of Korea


Fast delivery times
Quick response to enquiries
Professional technical information


Save up to 40% per sheet [1].
Monthly discounts available [2].
(Subject to terms and conditions)
Project pricing available 


Tristone colours can be customised for special projects to meet your design requirements. The size and concentration of chips can be customised in all current Tristone colours. Alternatively, colours can be developed to match your colour requirement. (Available for projects which require more than 100 sheets)

1. This is based on a comparison between Tristone and a leading competitor and is valid as of April 2018.

2. Monthly discounts are available to customers subject to terms and conditions via our Pallet Points scheme.
For full terms and conditions, go to:

Meet The Team


Senior Management Team


Howard Noh

Managing Director

Howard is the Managing Director of Tristone and has been since the company’s creation in 2001. As the longest serving member of the Tristone family, Howard has extensive knowledge and experience of the industry which has vitally helped steer Tristone towards its many successes throughout the years.


Jae Noh

General Manager

Jae has been at Tristone since November 2010 and has worked in multiple areas of the business before taking on the role as General Manager of Tristone UK Limited.


Tristone Office Team


Emma Grisedale

Sales and Accounts Manager

Emma is in charge of sales and managing customer accounts at Tristone UK. Emma is a tea drinker, but she doesn't make her own.


Young Kuk Noh

Marketing Manager

Young is in charge of all the marketing and branding at Tristone UK. He is also the go-to tech issue resolving guy.


Warehouse and Logistics Team


Alan Wilkinson

Warehouse and Stock Manager

Alan manages the day to day running of the warehouse and stock. In his spare time he performs as a singer.


Paul Craggs

Delivery Driver


Richard Catterall

Warehouse Manager // Delivery Driver // Fabrication Trainer

Richie is the second longest serving member of the Tristone UK Team. Rumour has it, he has a great singing voice, but we have not been able to prove it.

Linton James

Warehouse Assistant // Delivery Driver


Regional Business Development Managers


Kelly Hibbert

London, Wales, Midlands, and South

Kelly is our Business Development Manager for London, Wales, Midlands, and the South (East and West regions).

All emails sent to will now forward to Kelly.

For enquiries, in these areas, please email