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Our Sinks and Bowls

The following products are available in this range:
Cast Sinks and Bowls, Stainless Steel Sinks and Thermoformed Tristone Sinks and Bowls.



Cast Sinks and Bowls

Grise Kitchen_Fraser Drain (1).jpeg

Our Cast Sinks and Bowls

Our Cast Sinks and Bowls are available in various models. They are not only premium quality but are bacterial resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

They can be under-mounted which gives you a perfectly integrated bathroom design.

Tristone Colour: Grise (MT-001)
Sink Model:
Fabrication by: Edge Bespoke Solid Surfaces


Bathroom Bowls & Basins

Our cast bathroom sinks, bowls and basins can complete your home. These sinks also offer the same premium quality, bacterial resistant and is easy to clean and maintain.

They can be under-mounted which gives you a perfectly integrated bathroom design.






SYNCRO inlay sinks bring together high quality stainless steel sinks with multiple surfaces including: Acrylic Solid Surface, Quartz, or Stone.

Using SYNCRO allows for the finished product to look like a steel bottomed material clad sink. Conventional stainless steel based sinks were joined to Solid Surface material with a silica bonding agent. SYNCRO’s inlay stainless steel sinks make your kitchen solution seamless and less prone to leakage.

SYNCRO Sinks are handmade and produced to the highest manufacturing standards. Made from premium 1.2mm, 304 grade stainless steel, SYNCRO offers a luxurious alternative to your standard stainless steel sinks whilst also bringing innovations to make your kitchen more hygienic and beautiful.


304 Grade.png

Handmade with Premium Stainless Steel

SYNCRO sinks are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel in 1.2mm. The sinks go through an extensive process to ensure they are of the highest quality.


Sound Absorption Technology

SYNCRO come attached with sound pads to reduce noise and vibrations from the impact of dishes, kitchenware, and waterflow.


Colour Match Products Available

With multiple options available, you can colour match your worktop to your SYNCRO inlayed sink.


CE Marking

The CE mark is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the EEA. SYNCRO sinks conform to the high standards set out by the EEA and we proudly bear this mark as a symbol of trust and quality.


Models of SYNCRO Inlay Stainless Steel Sinks







Please Note: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the images are scaled proportionally, for the most accurate information please contact the Tristone UK Office directly.


Thermoformed Sinks and Bowls by Tristone UK


Colour Match

Products Available

Thermoformed sinks and bowls are made with Tristone solid surface sheets, which allows your design to be fully integrated and seamless.

Note: we do not guarantee batch match.

Product Colour(s): Pure White | A-104